Styles, Periods & Special Events

Styles, Periods and Special Events
Whilst some styles and periods are best forgotten, most have been copied, modified and repeated many times. Special events vary around the world but they all reflect the historic events of individual countries.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco

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Retro Travel PosterArt Nouveau and Art Deco are too often confused by antique dealers and the public alike. So what is the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, apart from the time period. It is really a question of style.

Æsethetic Movement

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Æsthetic MovementThis might be called the 'arty' end of the Arts and Crafts Movement. It was a reaction to the flamboyant ornamentations loved by the Victorians. From the 1840's a new purity of design was championed by Pugin and Owen Jones, and in the 1860's the ideal of Art for Art's Sake was taken up by the culturally aware.


Special Events
For some a special event is a designated day or holiday such as Christmas Day or Valentine´s Day, but for others it can represent a birth or confirmation, whilst for others it can be a treat to say thank you, or I appreciate you. Some say it with flowers, others with a pieces of jewellery, but whatever your taste, it is always nice to know that your efforts are appreciated and rewarded with a gift.
Styles and Periods
The story of style can be said to be the tracing of the strands that mesh to give each age its distinctive look, from the skills and materials available, to the changes in life style and income from buyers zest for the new, to designers vision of beauty.