Humans have used metal objects to help and assist then in their daily endeavours. Before electricity, creating fire and light was a major problem and as a consequence a whole industry, terminology and paraphernalia accompanied the ritual of lighting the fire and making light. Metal has played a major part in cooking through the ages and even today we us a range of metal items when preparing, cooking and serving food and drink. However the shape and types of metals used has changed over time and some are no longer used today. Jelly moulds, ale warmers, bed warmers, wax jacks, chamber sticks, taper sticks, snuffers and trays, trivets, footmen, sadirons, fenders and firedogs were all items in everyday use that our ancestors took for granted that today makes an enjoyable collecting area.

Gusums Bruk

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Gusum Bruk CandlesticksGusums Bruk is a Swedish company with a long and problematic history. Nowadays Gusum Work’s traditions are living thanks to “Nordic Brass Gusum AB”, which continues to produce brass.

Metal Polishing Myths

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Myths, Half Truths & Lies
What is good metal polishing practice?
Is it true that the metal polishing industry deliberately perpetuates some of the myths and bad practices? In some cases perhaps, whilst in other cases it may just be common errors of judgement.
It is now possible to discover why brass and copper crack and why some polishes will deteriorate by themselves in good environments.
All will be explained so be ready to see some interesting facts.