Wyatt Earp Shotgun

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Wyatt Earp ShotgunThe gun Wyatt Earp used to kill “Curly Bill” Brocius was sold in February 2020 for $375,000.
The gun was used by Wyatt Earp to avenge his brother’s death. The well documented 10-gauge double-barrel percussion shotgun manufactured by J.Stevens & Co was used by lawman Wyatt Earp to kill Curly Bill Brocius.
Upon learning that his brother had been killed, Wyatt Earp formed a posse to exact a measure of justice. When they went out to hunt for Brocius, Earp borrowed a 10-gauge shotgun from his friend, Fred Dodge. They found Curly Bill at Iron Springs on March 24, 1882, and in the ensuing shootout, Earp used this shotgun to kill Curly Bill, after which, he returned it to Fred Dodge. This episode occurred approx 5 months after the shootout at the OK Coral.

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