Beauty & Barber

Beauty and Barber
Human beings have been adorning or improving their looks since the creation of time. From the need to remove unwanted body hair, to applying facial powders and lipstick to improve ones look, beauty has always played an important role in fashion and human development. Beauty, hygiene and grooming equipment is generally a neglected area of collecting. No longer do we use or manufacture beautiful cut glass silver topped perfume bottles because they have been replaced by modern packaging. Be that as it may, modern packaging is functional and practical rather than beautiful and useful.

A Really Cool Item

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Folding Fan Fans are Oriental in origin and have been known for over 3000 years. Few art forms combine functional, ceremonial and decorative uses as elegantly as the fan. Fewer still can match such diversity with a history stretching back over many thousands of years.


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IntroductionA buttonhook is a tool used to facilitate the closing of buttoned shoes, gloves or other clothing. It consists of a hook fixed to a handle which may be simple or decorative as part of a dresser set or chatelaine. Sometimes they were given away as promotions with product advertising on the handle. To use, the hook end is inserted through the buttonhole to capture the button by the shank and draw it through the opening.

Shaving Brushes

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Captain Fawcett Shaving BrushIf there is one piece of grooming equipment that has been neglected by collectors over the past 50 years it has to be the humble shaving brush. Besides being fun to collect, shaving brushes are critical for achieving an outstanding shave.

Shoe Horn

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Shoe HornOriginally, shoehorns were made from animal horns, hooves and even glass. Luxury shoehorns were made of ivory, shell or silver. Today however, although shoehorns made of bulls’ hooves are still available, metal, plastic and wood are more commonly used.