Everything Else

Everything ElseA menagerie or collection of categories and topics that do not fit conveniently anywhere else.
The idea of an object having value due to its age is only about 100 years old. It may only be a coincidence that this corresponds to when the legal definition of an antique was established. Before that, except in the case of Greek and Roman antiquities, items were judged purely on their artistic merit, or how fashionable they were, age meant very little.
Very often furniture and other important works of art filtered down through the social strata as the landed gentry refurnished their houses. This frequently involved a complete updating, replacing not only the decorations but occasionally remodelling the fabric of the building as well. Some outdated or unfashionable furniture and other items were banished to the attic or the servants´quarters or simply dumped, to be recycled by the estate workers. Passed on down the centuries, and often altered on the way, these objects eventually find their way onto the market, sometimes without the current owner appreciating the value. The anticipation that an undiscovered treasure may be lurking in the next shop is part of the thrill of collecting.


Advertising and Packaging
Because there is so much choice of material, there are specialist collectors for all sorts of advertisements from engraved 1700's trade cards to pottery Guinness toucans, labels, posters, large enamelled metal street 'puffs' as they became known in the 1800's, and shop signs such as barbers' poles and opticians' spectacles. There are calendars, book marks and paper weights, clothes hangers, shoe trees, thermometers, ashtrays, biscuit tins, bar furnishings and beer mats, and among the first attempts to sell through attractive packaging was the pot lid.
Beauty and Barber
Human beings have been adorning or improving their looks since the creation of time. From the need to remove unwanted body hair, to applying facial powders and lipstick to improve ones look, beauty has always played an important role in fashion and human development. Beauty, hygiene and grooming equipment is generally a neglected area of collecting. No longer do we use or manufacture beautiful cut glass silver topped perfume bottles because they have been replaced by modern packaging. Be that as it may, modern packaging is functional and practical rather than beautiful and useful.
Model Wooden  CarHere you will find general information about antiques, that applies across many different categories. from buying and selling tips to what to collect today that will become a sort after antique tomorrow. The reader will need to adapt the information depending on whether one is considering an antique car or an antique model of the car. Antiques is a very large and specialized subject where many books and much information is available. We cannot therefore do justice to the subject without writing yet another book on the subject, so this is only meant to be a brief introduction to an alluring and fascinating subject. The anticipation that an undiscovered treasure may be lurking in the next shop is part of the thrill of collecting.
Stolen Goods Fakes and Treasure
We publish items of interest to keep people up to date with market trends. Even in affluent times, thieves and fakes abound. At any time, one cannot be too careful so we should all do what we can to protect our property. Fakes from Russia, China and elsewhere are becoming more frequent and more difficult to spot and the market is awash with these items. Specialist collectors and dealers have been genuinely caught, so research the subject before you part with any hard earned cash.