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Meet The SellerAs a professional engineer my career has been focused on problem solving. Now that my wife and I have stepped aside to allow the younger generation to carry the load, we are able to pursue the things that motivate and give us enjoyment.
Antiques have always been our passion and interest so we are now able to enjoy finding things that give us pleasure. We have gained knowledge through years of experience (and mistakes), so we are now able to give people advice about the things we know.
Because many metal antiques have been ruined or destroyed by incorrect polishing, we try to educate people in, and advise people of, the correct polishing techniques.
Eco-friendly products are now available that not only care for the item you are trying to conserve, but also causes no harm to planet earth or its environment.
Our mission is to convince more people that antiques are green and that both antiques and planet earth are worth saving. Conservation comes in many forms, and no matter how big or how small your contribution, you can make a difference.

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