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Viking Ship StandRarity4u are a small family run business selling antique and collectable items. We help many users each day to find the information for which they search. Our website covers a broad range of items and topics and our ever increasing library of in-depth articles covers a variety of subjects, from crochet to coin collecting. Whether you are looking to start a new collection, to improve your knowledge, or simply to get inspired, there is something for everyone.
Today, e-commerce has become the preferred way to browse, research, and shop, so we want to make it easy for buyers to have the ultimate shopping experience.
Because we are small we are able to offer a personal service to our customers who are, and will remain, our most important asset. We want your shopping experience at Rarity4u to be pleasant, so we strive to achieve a top flight customer service.
To help you keep up to date, we publish articles, blogs and have links to other antique related sites.

Son, NorwayRarity4u is located in the land of the Vikings on the Oslo Fjord, in a small village called Son. Traders from the Netherlands gave the place its name when they brought salt to Norway and took wood back home with them. The original spelling by the Dutch is still in evidence today and the place name has several spellings - Zoen, Zoon, Soon and Son. The cultural heritage centre in Son helps to capture and maintain the special atmosphere and character of the place.

SallyThe harbour in Son has a special section for historical boats, and is in fact the home of Sally III, a 12.0 meter long 2.40 tonne mahogany sailing boat designed and built in Son by Jac M Iversen in 1921. Sally III is kept in sailing order and can be seen around Son during the summer months. Although ageing gracefully, Sally III can still show a clean pair of heels to some of the latest designs emerging from the plastic moulds. During the summer of 2003, Sally III was featured in a television programme about historical boats still sailing in this part of Norway. The ownership of Sally has now been transferred from private, to Follo Museum.
At Rarity4u we operate a policy of due diligence to ensure the items we offer for sale are not wanted property. As apart of this policy we have links from this site to Interpol and police forces across UK to help the recovery of stolen items. As we find new links we will add them to the site.

Most of our friends have become customers, and most of our customers have become friends, so should you be passing this way we would be delighted to meet you.

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