Our customers are our most valuable asset. We understand the apprehension when buying online from an unknown company, so we publish all our policies to reassure our customers they are dealing with a trusted and professional company.

About Rarity4u

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Viking Ship StandRarity4u are a small family run business selling antique and collectable items. We help many users each day to find the information for which they search. Our website covers a broad range of items and topics and our ever increasing library of in-depth articles covers a variety of subjects, from crochet to coin collecting. Whether you are looking to start a new collection, to improve your knowledge, or simply to get inspired, there is something for everyone.

Meet The Seller

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Meet The SellerAs a professional engineer my career has been focused on problem solving. Now that my wife and I have stepped aside to allow the younger generation to carry the load, we are able to pursue the things that motivate and give us enjoyment.

Tree Of Knowledge

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Tree of KnowledgeThe new and exciting Joomla 5 website programme has now been officially released. Earlier we had been using an un-finished version of the programme to familiarise ourselves with the new features and to test and report issues back to the Joomla 5 development team. Now that the final version has been released, we will start to rebuild our site and take advantage of the benefits the new programme offers.

Welcome To Rarity4u

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Antiques Are Green
Rarity4u are a premier and trusted online resource to find, collect, buy and learn about antiques, collectables and other old, rare and beautiful items. Our carefully selected items range from the Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods through to Contemporary and include furniture, jewellery, toys Asian antiques and so much more.


It is important we gain your confidence by publishing general information about Rarity4u. We are a family run company offering a personal service and suggest people only buy from a trusted supplier.