Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Cleaning and Maintenance ProductsVery few people set out intentionally to ruin an antique, but people regularly make costly mistakes every day when caring for antiques. Why should this be so? In most cases it is simply because they do not know any better, or they follow old wives tales and old fashioned handed down methods. The technology developed to put a man on the moon and oil platforms into the North Sea, has become available to us for use in our everyday lives. The range of products that we supply includes the world-renowned Renaissance wax which was developed in the laboratories of the British Museum and is used to preserve all types of objects in the museum and historical collections. We are often consulted by architects and conservators who wish to use the products in the cleaning and maintenance of both interior and exterior surfaces.


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Groom StickGroom stick is a registered trade mark of Picreator Enterprises Ltd
Groom/Stick is a novel form of natural rubber with specific properties combining to create a surface dry-cleaner of high efficiency. The rubber’s natural structure has been modified to make it permanently soft, kneadable and strongly tacky. Moisture, solvents and chemical additives have been excluded.
As a non-abrasive, non-staining cleaner with diversified uses including paper, library materials, archival paper to various metals and more.

Metal De Corroder

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Metal De CorroderAmine complex of hydro-oxycarboxilic acid in aqueous solution. pH: approx 4.0
Treatment selectively ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away. A clean-water rinse stops the process.

Pre Lim

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Pre Lim Metal BurnisherA gentle abrasive paste for non-scratch cleaning of metals and many sensitive fine-art surfaces.
Pre-lim is widely used in the professional restoration of arms and amour, sculpture, brass and copper exhibition cookware, ceramics and automobile paintwork.