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The history of human beings has been drawn on cave walls, stone and paper of all sorts. Books, Posters, Magazines, Postage Stamps, Postcards, Fine Art, Newspaper, Photographs and many more. Whilst the internet is currently the most frequently used and convenient resource, the information on the humble paper or canvas remains supreme. As with all antique items, the carbon footprint to produce them has long since passed into history. The paper books, postage stamps, postcards, fine art and paper ephemera are all relics of days gone by that we may have to rely upon in the future for our knowledge and history. What makes a paper item valuable? The author, painter, subject, date, binding, framing, distinctive illustrations, provenance, rarity, edition, printing, usefulness – or any combination of these – are all factors in determining the value of a paper item, but above all, the item must be complete and in good condition.


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Strong Man BookendsBookends differ in style and functionality, but their most important role is to keep books in the vertical position as firmly as possible. They are in common use in libraries, bookstores, and many homes.


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Bookmark SelectionThe humble bookmark is an invaluable asset to the avid reader. For as long as there have been books, bookmarks have been the readers friend. It is a convenient and safe way to remind the reader where to start reading next, when he or she continues to read after a break. Bookmarks also saved valuable books from becoming “dog eared” where the reader bends over the corner of the page as a reminder where to start again.