Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Silver BullionSilver in its natural state is 99% pure and is too soft and malleable to be used effectively for any practical purposes. It is alloyed with copper or zinc to toughen it up. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. It melts at 894 degrees Centigrade. Sterling Silver is one of the most popular metals in the jewellery trade, and people with allergies to other metals can safely use this metal. A multi-faceted metal, it is used extensively for coins, utensils, storage containers, jewellery and other decorative pieces.

Apostle Spoons

13 Apostle Spoon Set Silver spoons with fig-shaped bowls and handles topped by figures of apostles, or in the case of the master spoon of a set of thirteen, by the figure of Christ. Several full-length figures of the Virgin Mary are also known. Popular in Britain, Germany and elsewhere from about 1490 to 1675, they became collectable in Victorian times and have been faked, forged and reproduced ever since. No complete sets of 13 remain from before the 1500s. 

Fabergé Dragon Egg

Faberge Dragon EggFabergé unveiled a surprise new collaboration to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the award-winning Game of Thrones television series. This brings together the Fabergé superior craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity with Game of Thrones, one of the most iconic TV series of the 21st century.


Niello Pocket WatchThe name Niello is derived from the Latin: Nigellus meaning “blackened”. It is a metallic alloy with sulphur which is used as a surface decoration technique which, much like enamel, is fused to a metal base. The lustre of niello, however, is metallic instead of vitreous and it is much tougher than enamel. Niello comes in just one colour – black of various tones – which contrasts highly with silver, the most popular base for niello work. 

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