Peerage Brass

Peerage Brass

Peerage MarkThe company produced original copper & brass ware with the height of production between the 1910's to the1940's. Their aim was quality period reproductions which were occasionally marked. Peerage Brass became the brand name after World War II until this trademark lapsed in 1991.
John Jewsbury & Co
71, Broad Street
Company founded in 1883
Pearson-Page Co Ltd
10-12, Cecil Street 
Ilene Works
Sherlock Street
The company became Pearson Page Jewsbury, then Peerage, manufacturers of reproduction and original copper and brassware during 1910's-1930's.
John Jewsbury and Co Ltd
Private company formed as John Jewsbury and Co Ltd.
Pearson, Page, Newton & Minchew Ltd
Ernest Street
Holloway Head
Brass founders. Several good designs for brass souvenirs were identified through their design registration numbers during the early 1900´s but no examples of a maker's mark have been found. When readable, the first design commonly found bears a Design Registration Number (Rd No) of  572977. This was lodged by Pearson, Page, Newton & Minchew Ltd. Ernest Street, Holloway Head, Birmingham, brass founders. On the 5th November 1910, extended 1915 and 1919. Newton and Minchew had worked in a small foundry in the same street occupied by the much larger firm of Townshend & Co., Ltd.
 Peerage Registered Number
Pearson-Page Co Ltd
Ilene Works
Sherlock Street
Showrooms at 50 Frith Street, Soho, London. (1922)
During the 1920´s and 1930´s, Pearson Page Co Ltd, Sherlock Street, Birmingham were the biggest source in the UK of reproduction copper and brassware. Their products were very popular with customers wanting continued supplies of traditional Victorian and Edwardian designs rather than new ones. The goods were well made reproductions, albeit with the sheet work being made of fairly thin copper and brass. Items such as cast door knockers were definitely intended for regular use and most other products were suitable for their original purpose as well as being decorative. Items were not branded by the manufacturer since they were sold through a variety of outlets including leading department stores. This can now lead to difficulty dating items that were good reproductions of Victorian originals.
There was a thriving export business to the USA with sales through local agents. In the 1930´s the firm became Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd with works in the Witton area of Birmingham near IMI Metals. Representation in the USA was through S P Skinner Co., Inc. and there were other agents in New Zealand, South Africa, Holland, Spain and the Scandinavian Countries. By 1936 the product range had increased tremendously and the catalogue was split into four sections, 
Artistic Brassware
Cabinet Handles of all Periods
Lead Figures and Garden Ornaments
Lamps, Electrical Fittings and Fireplace Equipment
After World War 2 the company adopted the trade name ‘Peerage’ and this appears on some of their products.
Pearson-Page Co Ltd
British Industries Fair Advert for Brass Cabinet Fitments of all periods, including Lacquer Cabinet Fittings and Sideboard Rails. Reproduction Antique Brasswork, including Candlesticks, Jardinieres, Coal Hods, Hearth Stands, Cabinet Handles, Electrical Fittings. (Stand Nos. K.36 and K.59)
Pearson Page Co. Ltd Advert
Pearson-Page Co Ltd 
British Industries Fair Advert as Specialists in Reproduction Brass foundry. Manufacturers of Toasting Forks, Knockers, Corkscrews, Jardinieres, Ash Trays, Smokers Stands, Writing Sets, Ink Stands, Trays, Plaques, Sundials, Candlesticks, Lanterns, Coal Hods, Grates. Electrical Fittings and Fixtures. Curbs, Andirons, Fire Brasses, Log Boxes. (Fancy Goods Section - Stand No. J.81)
Pearson Page Co Ltd Advert
Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd
Name changed from Pearson-Page Co Ltd to Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd.
Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd.
Soho Works, 
not to be confused with Boulton's Soho Manufactory
Westwood Works 
Westwood Road
Birmingham 6
Ilene Works 
Sherlock Street
Manufacturers of reproduction and original copper and brassware during 1910's-1930's. John Jewsbury & Co was originally founded in 1883. The Company took over the Pearson Page designs when they were liquidated in 1933.
 Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd Mark
 Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd Money Box
 This photo from a patent money box supplied by Lorenzo Caira.
 Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd Registered Number
Trade Mark registered to Pearson Page Jewsbury, Dulverton Road, Witton, Birmingham 6.
Peerage Brass
Peerage Brass were the successor to the Pearson Page brand name from c1946 onwards, and generally used for original designs but also on reproductions. . Production was intended to be good quality period reproductions and the items were not generally marked. 
Trade Mark registered to Pearson Page Jewsbury, Dulverton Road, Witton, Birmingham 6.
Peerage Brass
Westwood Works
Westwood Road
Birmingham, 6
British Industries Fair Advert for "Peerage". Brassware at its best. Manufacturers of "Peerage" Brassware in Furnishing, Reproduction, Gift and souvenir Groups. heath and Fireplace Equipment, Electrical Fittings, Pewterware, period Cabinet Brassfoundry, Home Safes for Savings Banks and Building Societies. Brassfoundry, Presswork, Spinning. (Fancy Goods Section - Olympia, 1st Floor, Stand No. G.2022)
Peerage Brass
December 1962 advertising Peerage Brass under the name of Pearson Page Jewsbury Co Ltd
 Peerage Brass Advert
Peerage Mark
Peerage Brass successor to Pearson Page brand name c1946 onwards and generally used for original designs but also on reproductions.
Peerage Brass Ireland Mark
This 'Peerage' mark has 'Made in Ireland' added underneath. It is found on souvenirs with emblems attached that are designed for the Irish market.
The name 'Peerage' is usually found on new designs. These raised letters are on a die-cast candlestick. The 'Peerage' name was first used during the recovery period after the end of the Second World War. Peerage Brass were later at Sharston Road, Wythenshaw, Manchester.
Peerage Brass
Sharston Road
Manchester M22 
The trade mark may have lapsed in 1991, indicating the company stopped trading. 

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