Makers & Marks

Makers & Marks

Makers &  Marks
There was no requirement for makers to mark their work made from base metal. As a result, much of the output and history of many makers remain unknown, whilst for others, their history has been put together from old catalogues, published information and similar.

Benham & Froud

Jelly MouldWe all know Benham & Froud and the fabulous copper cookware and jelly moulds they made, but the company was known for everything from world-famous beetle traps to repairing Winston Churchill’s heating radiators! They made or supplied windows, furniture, refrigerators, boilers, Chinese gongs, roofs, and weather vanes.

Gusums Bruk

Gusum Bruk CandlesticksGusums Bruk is a Swedish company with a long and problematic history. Nowadays Gusum Work’s traditions are living thanks to “Nordic Brass Gusum AB”, which continues to produce brass.

Peerage Brass

Peerage MarkThe company produced original copper & brass ware with the height of production between the 1910's to the1940's. Their aim was quality period reproductions which were occasionally marked. Peerage Brass became the brand name after World War II until this trademark lapsed in 1991.

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