Jewellery & Gemstones

Jewellery & Gemstones

Jewellery & Gemstones
The value of jewellery depends on the quality of the materials used to make it, its design, maker and condition, and the prevailing fashion and taste.
Rare gems of the highest quality are usually a good investment because of the political and physical problems involved in mining them and the scarcity of fine stones means that supply is unlikely to exceed demand. Diamonds are the exception to the rule because their supply is controlled by an international cartel to maintain prices, but demand can always be fulfilled so no dramatic rise in pieces is likely.
Badges Souvenirs
Acquiring a badge or souvenir as a keepsake, a talking piece, a one-upmanship, or to remind oneself of happy memories of places visited and experiences of journeys previously undertaken. Today we use a camera or telephone to take photographs, but one wonders if the plethora of digital photographs will be as collectable in the future.
Gold Jewellery
 Humans have been fascinated with jewellery and gemstones since time began. It is said that jewellery making is the oldest profession in the world or at least associated with the oldest profession in the world. Whatever may be the case there is no sign that Jewellery will cease to be important to humans for many years to come and hence makes for an enjoyable collecting area.

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