British History

British History

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Styles and fashions have been copied, altered and adapted since time began and British antiques are no different. The development and evolution of Britain and the British have been greatly influenced by modernisation and the styles from many other countries. Unique styles combining practicality, abundance or scarcity of materials, and local influence gave rise to attractive and unique pieces.


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Britain comprises four countries each with their unique culture and history. The different climates, terrain and geographical locations have combined to influence the culture and traditions of each country. With such diversity and regional differences it is impossible to cover everything so we will concentrate on those things that have had the most significant influence. 
England FlagWhy is a website dedicated to antiques, publishing articles about food and drink? The answer is straightforward because many of the antique items we sell today are inextricably linked to or associated with the eating and drinking habits of our forefathers. To fully understand why certain items came into being, it is necessary to understand the etiquette involved with food and drink in days of yore. The Ale Warmer or Muller is an excellent example of a once common every day article that was developed to satisfy the desire for warm ale on a cold winter´s night. In our electrically lit, centrally heated homes, it is easy to forget the lonely ploughman who walked behind the horse all day in all weathers. The need for a warm beverage in front of a blazing open coal fire on a cold winter´s evening, and soaking up the warmth denied him during the day. Many will romanticise about the good old days; for some, they were just that, but for many, it was a time of drudgery, toil and hard work for little gain or financial reward.
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Fleur d'Ecosse simply means “flower of Scotland” and Mr Flinois said it first appeared on maps in 1714. The simplest explanation is that it relates to the thistle, Scotland's national flower, as at the time the thistle was cultivated in the region. Today the Corries song Flower Of Scotland has been adopted as the unofficial national anthem of Scotland.

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