Clocks, Watches & Scientific Instruments

Clocks, Watches & Scientific Instruments

Clocks, Watches & InstrumentsThe lure of antique timepieces lies in their combination of art and technology. Visual clues can help date the item and identify its mechanics.
Barometers and thermometers still have their place in forecasting the weather, but early examples are now collector´s items too.

Scientists, astronomers, sailor and the general public employed a range of microscopes, telescopes and other magnifying instruments as diverse as the stargazers´six-footer to pearl encrusted opera glasses.


F.W. Elliott Ltd History


Mahogany RAF Sector ClockF. W. Elliott
 of London clocks ranges from the timepiece Elliott clocks, through strike Elliott clocks to full Westminster and Whittington chiming Elliott clocks. Each Elliott clock has been handmade to a high specification and has an eight-day mechanical movement, making them one of the best clocks in the world.

Dating Timex Watches

Timex Wrist WatchTimex did not use serial numbers on their vintage watches but there are ways to date a Timex watch. From 1963 onwards a string of numbers may be found at the bottom of the dial on mechanical watches, the last two digits refer directly to the last 2 digits of the date, and no decoding is required. This string may be separated into 2 groups by the 6 marker, it is the last 2 of all digits that will tell you the year. This code is often very small and easy to miss.
From longcase clocks to cuckoo clocks, tower clocks to marine chronometers, carriage clocks to table clocks, and bracket clocks to mantle clocks, the avid collector is spoilt for choice. 
A watch is a portable timepiece intended to be carried or worn on or by a person, and designed to keep a consistent movement despite the motions caused by the person's activities. There are two main types of watches namely a wristwatch designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet, and a pocket watch designed for a person to carry in a pocket, often attached to a chain.

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