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The earliest ceramics made by humans were pottery objects (pots or vessels) or figurines made from clay or mixed with other materials like silica, hardened and sintered in the fire. Later, ceramics were glazed and fired to create smooth, coloured surfaces, decreasing porosity through glassy, amorphous ceramic coatings on top of the crystalline ceramic substrates. Typical examples are earthenware, porcelain, and brick. We will look at the long and rich history. brick. We will look at the long and rich history.

Basic Ceramic Identification & Dating Guide


1891 Country Name 2 minThis is a basic guide to the identification and dating of British ceramics.

Pie Funnels, Vents & Whistles

Sing A Song Of Sixpence It is said that the children´s nursery rhyme Sing A Song Of Sixpence inspired Clarice Cliff to make the blackbird pie funnels.
Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds,
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened
The birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish,
To set before the king.
The king was in his counting house,
Counting out his money;
The queen was in the parlour,
Eating bread and honey.
The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird
And pecked off her nose.
There was such a commotion,
that little Jenny wren
Flew down into the garden,
and put it back again.

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