Books, Postcards, Magazines, Stamps, Fine Art & Paper Ephemera

Books, Postcards, Magazines, Stamps, Fine Art & Paper Ephemera

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Has anybody stopped to think about what will happen to the internet when we cannot generate electrical power due to ever-invading “green” policies? As with all antique items, the carbon footprint to produce them has long since passed into history. The paper books, postage stamps, postcards, fine art and paper ephemera are all relics of days gone by that we may have to rely upon in the future for our knowledge and history. 
What makes a book valuable? The author, subject, date, binding, distinctive illustrations, provenance, rarity, edition, printing, usefulness – or any combination of these – are all factors in determining the value of a volume. Still, above all, the book and its dust jacket must be complete and in good condition.
From modern first editions to tales of discovery, the scope for the book collector is enormous. Whatever your interest or depth of pocket, there are sure to be books that fit.
Fine Art & Artists
Pleasure should always be the deciding factor when buying a picture. It is only by satisfying this purely subjective need, and having to live with the result, that you can build up a fascinating collection. It is for this reason that collectors will constantly rehang or sell part of their collection in exchange for new acquisitions. For an individual's taste is constantly developing, this development should be based upon the attitude that all pictures are interesting, but some are more interesting than others. As the eye becomes more experienced it should constantly be appreciating good quality in mediocre paintings whilst marvelling at, when possible buying, paintings which fulfil all expectations.

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