Vanity Items

Vanity Items

Vanity Items
Vanity items once adorned the dressing table in a ladies' boudoir in almost every home in the UK. Many of these items were decorated with sterling silver, thus giving an accurate date. Modern living and improved packaging have made many of these items redundant and therefore a fascinating and rewarding area for a collector.
Few art forms combine functional, ceremonial and decorative uses as elegantly as the fan. Fewer can still match such diversity with a history stretching back many thousands of years. Some hot countries still use the handheld fan for cooling purposes, but for most the fan is an item of curiosity and an avid collecting area.
Powder Compact
A powder compact was once an indispensable female vanity item that was normally carried in a handbag. These beautiful and attractive items are now rarely used, but avidly collected.

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