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Here you can rest your eyes from antiques and collectables and read about not only me, my exploits and achievements, but also about dog related activities in general.

About My World

Mountainsthe snow, the sky, the river, the mountain, the trees...
Welcome to my world.
My name is NVCh KahillĀ“s Simply The Best, but most people call me Makenna. I am an English Springer Spaniel and in 2018 became the top tracking spaniel in Norway.

Approved Breeder Scheme

Flag of NorwayWho is responsible for the dog gene pool in Norway?
NKK are the custodian of the dog breed standards and are responsible for the show dog judges in Norway, so are they also responsible for the health and control of the dog gene pool?

Dogs Hate Fireworks

Dogs Hate FireworksIt is that time of year again, with  Christmas behind us and the New Year celebrations shortly upon us. A lot of dogs are really frightened by fireworks and hate this time of year, and it is unfair to just let them suffer. At the same time shovelling powerful tranquillizers into your dog is a pretty bad idea too, so what to do? The following is a common sense guide with helpful hints, but always consult your veterinarian if your dog is very scared and before administering any pills or potions to your dog.