Flag of NorwayWho is responsible for the dog gene pool in Norway?
NKK are the custodian of the dog breed standards and are responsible for the show dog judges in Norway, so are they also responsible for the health and control of the dog gene pool?
Puppy buyers are faced with a bewildering range of terminology, none of which makes much sense to the average person. NKK registered, chipped, Show Champion this, Field Champion that mixed in with a handful of BIS and BIR´s, but still you do not know if you have a good healthy dog. I was fortunate in that I chose a kennel that not only provided help with all the bewildering “dog speak” but issued a starter pack of information and a follow up service. More importantly the kennel put time and effort into responsible breeding and puppy ownership. But what about those less fortunate who buy their dogs from Finn.no or an advert on Facebook, or from a puppy farm or similar. Pedigree dogs they may be, chipped and NKK registered almost certainly, but are they healthy dogs?
DoodleThe situation is made more complicated with the fashionable trend in designer dogs. There are several mongrel/designer dog buyers in my area who have been informed by their breeders that NKK will shortly approve the mongrel/doodle breeds. The breed clubs helped out NKK in their time of need, it is now time for NKK to return the favour and help the breed clubs to push back against these mongrel breeders and their untruths. I do what I can to dispel the myth of NKK approval for mongrel breeds, but it needs NKK to step up and speak out. But what can they do? It would make a great deal of sense if there was a simple way to identify responsible breeders from the others.
Certainly NKK have moved in the right direction by restricting registration for puppies that do not have an approved eye test, but is this enough? It seems that NKK have a bit of catching up to do, because although I made NKK aware in 2014 of the approved breeders scheme, no action has been taken.

If a breeder was NKK approved, this would send a clear message to the general public that these breeders have reached a minimum standard set by NKK. For the kitchen breeders, casual breeders, mongrel/doodle breeders breeding outside of this approval the message is clear – “buyer beware”.
Screen Shots From UK Kennel Club Website
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The following notice was posted on the UK Kennel Club website: “All Assured Breeders to be Inspected and Receive UKAS Accredited Certification from January 2014 Every single Kennel Club Assured Breeder will be inspected by the Kennel Club, a UKAS accredited certification body, in order to ensure that the scheme is recognised as the essential quality seal for puppy breeding and buying.” A link to the UK Kennel Club is given at the end of this article.
The approval system does not limit buyer choice, nor will it stop breeding by individuals outside of the approval scheme, but it would go some way to differentiate between NKK approved breeders and the others. It would also mean that NKK would retain responsibility for the gene pool and can monitor approved breeders at any time to ensure the standards set by NKK are being met.

The UK Kennel Club, American Kennel Club and other countries operate a similar scheme and that many if not all responsible breeders in Norway would welcome such a scheme.
Approved BreederThe example opposite shows a suggestion for a possible NKK Approved Breeder Certificate/Graphic that can be used by breeders on their website and marketing material. I am sure the team at NKK can come up with a better or improved version, especially one with correct Norwegian language. I am aware that it will cost a little money to implement and administer such a scheme but it would be money well spent if it helps to reduce the prolifigation of mongrel dogs and a start to push back against the growing menace from irresponsible and Doodle breeders. Every journey starts with the first step, so it is up to the Norwegian dog community to pressure NKK into action. Perhaps this could be your New Year Resolution to push the breed clubs to get this onto the NKK agenda. We need to do more than just vent our views on Facebook, it may make us feel good, but it does not result in any purposeful action, and action speaks louder than words. By doing nothing we accept the status quo that nothing can, will or needs to be done. If that is to be the position then stop bleating about it on social media and just put up with it. It is at times like this we need strong decisive leadership, otherwise our thoroughbred breeds risk being further diluted into fashionable mongrels and designer dogs.

Your reaction to this proposal is welcomed along with suggestions on how best to convince NKK to adopt, implement, manage and market such an Approved Breeder Scheme. At the very least make sure your breed club makes strong representation to NKK and does not take no for an answer. Responsible breeding is the only solution to good dog health.
My thanks to Kennel Streamside for their permission to use their Kennel name and logo in this article.