Uncle Sam Black RhinoPreservation is not only for antique pieces, nor is it the sole preserve of museums, but it is something in which we can all participate. Dead as a Dodo, is an expression in the English language to express the meaning that once you are extinct you are gone for good.
Black RhinoSince the demise of the Dodo, many other things too numerous to mention have gone the same way. Animals, insects, fish, mammals, trees, flora and fauna, the environment – you name it and we have, or are in the process of destroying it. Once we have achieved our objective, what then follows?
There is no question that we are the greedy destructive ape, and we have to understand that we do not own anything in this universe or world of ours, we are only the custodians who are entrusted to look after it for the next generation. What are you going to tell your grandchildren when they ask why did you let it happen? Believe it or not but it is a simple, undisputed scientific fact that you cannot preserve an endangered species by killing it, but there are people and organisations specifically in America who do not believe this simple logic. How can the President of the USA expect to convince North Korea, China or Iran to change its attitude on nuclear weapons or human rights when it grossly disregards international law (CITIES) concerning endangered species.
Black RhinoThe USA is a full member of CITIES so why has a hunting permit to kill a Black Rhino been allowed to be issued? Secondly, why are the US authorities slow in banning the importation of this Black Rhino and parts thereof from entering the USA. Thirdly why is the hunter not being prosecuted for knowingly killing an endangered animal protected by international law?
Black RhinoIn South Africa and other countries poachers and people illegally killing protected species are prosecuted when caught. In this case the hunter is known, so why are they not being prosecuted? Is it because Americans and the USA believe the law does not apply to them? Mr President, if by any chance this is brought to your attention, I urge you to use the power invested in you and your office to stop this unlawful killing from taking place. Surely you will want your children and grandchildren to enjoy seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, so do not let the Black Rhino become as dead as a Dodo.