Black Rhino with CalfAre Rhino horns forever?
We have seen on television the savage cruelty that people will stoop to against these magnificent beasts for what – money. Rhino horn is now more expensive than gold, so the fate of the rhino is decidedly uncertain.
The horn is used in traditional Asian medicines to cure certain ailments. To re-educate the whole of Asia to stop this practice is not viable in the short term, so what can be done?
Black RhinoBlack RhinoRhino horn is basically hair, so is it beyond the capabilities of a university or drug company research department to come up with an alternative product. Surely Rhino horn can be analysed and broken down into its various parts so that a man made alternative can be created.
And do not loose sight of the money, because best of all there is a lot of money to be made from this new alternative product. China is a huge and ever increasing market, so come on world, who is up for the challenge?