SquirrelYou do not have to be a squirrel to be a collector, but it would probably help. Every collector is an individual and thus each collection is unique. Because of this is therefore not possible to give a definitive set of rules for collecting but at Rarity4u we have produced a general guideline to assist all collectors of all ages. 
All collectors have two basic things in common irrespective of their speciality, namely an interest in their subject and a love of collecting. The urge to collect generally precedes the selection of the items to be acquired, so what are the basic rules for starting a collection.
1    Concentrate your collection and have a theme, do not buy at random.
2    Try to buy objects that are well made
3    Buy objects that are in as good condition as possible, they will give you the most satisfaction. Do not reject damaged pieces out of hand, better to have something damaged than nothing at all.
4    Buy objects that encapsulate the time in which they were made.
5    Do not buy with investment in mind, those who do invariably come unstuck.
6    Spend the most you can afford on the best possible example. Sell three good examples to buy one exceptional example.
7   Try to avoid following a trend, very often prices are higher than they merit and may take a tumble, so in other words follow your own instinct.
8    Dedicate time to your collecting, time spent is of more value than money.
9   Spend not only on your chosen objects, but also on books, magazines, visits to collections and lectures. They will all enhance the pleasure you get from your collection.
10  Buy only what you really, truly love.