Tree of KnowledgeThe new and exciting Joomla 4 website programme has now been officially released. Earlier we had been using an un-finished version of the programme to familiarise ourselves with the new features and to test and report issues back to the Joomla 4 development team. Now that the final version has been released, we will start to rebuild our site and take advantage of the benefits the new programme offers.
Whilst we cannot claim to be a tree of knowledge, we will publish articles that will hopefully increase the knowledge and better understanding of antique and collectable items. 
Many of the modules and extensions we need for our site are not yet finalised de-bugged and released so we need to be a little patient. It will still be some time before we have products for sale from our website, but we have at least started upon the journey.
We will continue to support our existing eCrater and Zibbet shops and will look at other selling platforms as appropriate. This will give us a great deal of flexibility that means we are able to reach many more people than was previously possible.