Stained Glass Window
From a single piece to entire homes, buildings and factories, architectural salvage covers it all. Homeowners, landscapers, interior designers, restaurant and bar owners, retailers and set designers all desire or require architectural antiques and salvage from time to time. So whether you are seeking fireplace mantels, doors, steel frame factory windows, vintage chicken wire glass, salvage beams and flooring, farmhouse sinks, claw-foot tubs, wrought iron gates and fencing, lighting, nautical décor, industrial structures or salvaged aircraft parts, there is an architectural piece for everyone and every purpose. 
Double Diamond Advert
Because there is so much choice of material, there are specialist collectors for all sorts of advertisements from engraved 1700's trade cards to pottery Guinness toucans, labels, posters, large enamelled metal street 'puffs' as they became known in the 1800's, and shop signs such as barbers' poles and opticians' spectacles. There are calendars, book marks and paper weights, clothes hangers, shoe trees, thermometers, ashtrays, biscuit tins, bar furnishings and beer mats, and among the first attempts to sell through attractive packaging was the pot lid.
Acquiring a badge or souvenir as a keep sake, a talking piece, one up man ship, or simply to remind oneself of happy memories of places visited and experiences of journeys previously undertaken. Today we use a camera or telephone to take photographs, but one wonders if the plethora of digital photographs will be as collectable in the future. 
Shaving Brush
Human beings have been adorning or improving their looks since the creation of time. From the need to remove unwanted body hair, to applying facial powders and lipstick to improve ones look, beauty has always played an important role in fashion and human development. Beauty, hygiene and grooming equipment is generally a neglected area of collecting. No longer do we use or manufacture beautiful cut glass silver topped perfume bottles because they have been replaced by modern packaging. Be that as it may, modern packaging is functional and practical rather than beautiful and useful.
Paper Scroll
Has anybody stopped to think what will happen to the internet when we are not able to generate electrical power due to ever invading “green” policies? As with all antique items, the carbon footprint to produce them has long since passed into history. The paper books, postage stamps, postcards, fine art and paper ephemera are all relics of days gone by that we may have to rely upon in the future for our knowledge and history. 
CeramicsIn a typical home there are likely to be more objects made of ceramics – earthenware, stoneware and porcelain – than any other single category of material. Most will be 1900's and 2000's, a fair proportion will be late Victorian and perhaps a few pieces will be earlier.
Oriental ceramics have a far richer history than those in the west. Fine porcelain was made in China from at least the 800's and started to reach Europe around 1600's.
Despite their inherent fragility, many early Chinese pieces survive and are keenly collected.
Clocks, Watches & InstrumentsThe lure of antique timepieces lies in their combination of art and technology. Visual clues can help date the item and identify its mechanics.
Barometers and thermometers still have their place in forecasting the weather, but early examples are now collector´s items too.
Scientists, astronomers, sailor and the general public employed a range of microscopes, telescopes and other magnifying instruments as diverse as the stargazers´six-footer to pearl encrusted opera glasses.
British CurrencyCoins and historic medallions have long been appreciated by collectors, many of them being considerable works of art in their own right, and all of them expressing a facet of history. Who, on finding a silver coin of the reign of George II, marked with the name LIMA, would be anything but fascinated to discover that the silver used in the making had come from captured treasures. The British privateers the Duke and the Prince Frederick, had taken two armed French ships in the North Atlantic and, on their return to Britain, the captured silver was immediately taken to the Tower of London where it probably supplied more than half the coinage of George II’s reign. Coins of this period, particularly the low denominations, are by no means overpriced. It is also surprising to note the prices obtained for silver coins of the 1200’s and 1300’s. A silver penny of the reign of King Edward I, for example, may still be purchased for well under £50.00, yet such a coin is in fact a medieval royal portrait that has been actually hammered individually by hand.


We Sell Antiques 
Our customers are our most valuable asset. We understand the apprehension that people have when buying online from a company they have not dealt with before. Because of this we openly publish our policies to reassure our customers they are dealing with a trusted and professional company.
You will notice we write or host articles and videos about the natural world. What you may ask has that got to do with antiques?
Both the natural world and antiques need to be conserved, each in their different ways. Once we loose our antiques or the natural world, they have gone for ever, one could say they become as dead as a dodo.
Popping The Cork
We need to consume liquids regularly to prevent dehydration, and a whole industry has evolved to provide goods for our every needs. From wine bottles to wine boxes, corkscrews to ring pull cans, glasses and decanters, beer mats to ceramic ashtrays, special words to special laws, basically an area that is truly a collectors paradise.
Cheers, bottoms up, salute, skål, slange.
Kang TableOne of the delights of antique furniture as with all practical antiques, is that it is a tangible link with the past. Sitting at a 1700´s desk, it is easy to imagine an earlier owner leaning on the same surface, struggling with an important letter. An ink stain on a well-rubbed edge adds to the sense of continuity.
The way antique furniture carries the mantle of age is one of its appealing characteristics. Whilst ceramics and glass are little altered by the years, a piece of furniture changes in subtle ways, its timbers gradually shrink and mellow through handling, polishing and exposure. This slow maturing gives it a unique patina that cannot be matched – or reproduced – by the finest new pieces.
Antiques Are GreenThe idea of an object having value due to its age is only about 100 years old. It may only be a coincidence that this corresponds to when the legal definition of an antique was established. Before that, except in the case of Greek and Roman antiquities, items were judged purely on their artistic merit, or how fashionable they were, age meant very little.
Very often furniture and other important works of art filtered down through the social strata as the landed gentry refurnished their houses. This frequently involved a complete updating, replacing not only the decorations but occasionally remodelling the fabric of the building as well. Some outdated or unfashionable furniture and other items were banished to the attic or the servants´quarters or simply dumped, to be recycled by the estate workers. Passed on down the centuries, and often altered on the way, these objects eventually find their way onto the market, sometimes without the current owner appreciating the value. The anticipation that an undiscovered treasure may be lurking in the next shop is part of the thrill of collecting.
Glass Grapes
Glass has a magical quality born of its transition from sand and other minerals to vessels of transparent delicacy. Barring breakage, scouring pads and dishwashers, glass is wonderfully resistant to age, neither warping like furniture, nor tarnishing like metal. It can look the same after 200 years as it did when as new the shape and style reflecting the customs and habits of the time.
Carlo Giuliano Egyptian Revival Brooch
The value of jewellery depends on the quality of the materials used to make it, its design, maker and condition, and the prevailing fashion and taste. Rare gems of the highest quality are usually a good investment because the political and physical problems involved in mining them and the scarcity of fine stones means that supply is unlikely to exceed demand. Diamonds are the exception as their supply is controlled by an international cartel to maintain prices, but demand can always be fulfilled so no dramatic rise in pieces is likely.
Here you can rest your eyes from antiques and collectables and read about not only me, my exploits and achievements, but also about dog related activities in general.
Copper Tankard
Metals are a natural and abundant resource that is both malleable and extremely durable, which makes them suitable for all manner of practical purposes. Pure metals, such as copper, iron, lead and tin, and various alloys including brass, bronze and pewter have been used around the world for thousands of years. Metals have played a significant role in the development of human civilization, with bronze and iron used to make early tools and weapons. Drinking vessels and utensils for making and eating food have been fashioned from metal since ancient times. Pewter and spelter were inexpensive alternatives to more precious metals. 
The word music derives from Greek; "art of the Muses". Music is both an art form and a cultural activity. Different style of music may emphasize, de-emphasize or omit some of the elements such as pitch, melody, rhythm, tempo and timbre, all of which are known as the colour of music. Music is performed with a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping. There are solely instrumental or vocal pieces and some that combine singing and instruments. Similarly the recording and reproduction industry has experienced a wide range of changes from the phonograph to MP3 music downloaded from the internet and everything in between.
Product Range
The range of products that we supply includes the world-renowned Renaissance wax which was developed in the laboratories of the British Museum and is used to preserve all types of objects in the museum and historical collections. We are often consulted by architects and conservators who wish to use the products in the cleaning and maintenance of both interior and exterior surfaces.
Silver Bell  & Vinaigrette
Ever since it was discovered silver, like gold has been converted into gleaming artefacts of great splendour and beauty. Such symbols of wealth and power are collected not only for their superb workmanship, but smaller more ornate pieces also have a unique attraction. This is in part because silver has always been a precious metal. The intrinsic value of silver has had one undesirable effect, silver objects have long been regarded as recyclable and thousands of pieces have been lost over the centuries, melted down to finance wars, to cover up theft, or simply to make something more fashionable.
May Flower
For some a special event is a designated day or holiday such as Christmas Day or Valentine´s Day, but for others it can represent a birth or confirmation, whilst for others it can be a treat to say thank you, or I appreciate you. Some say it with flowers, others with a pieces of jewellery, but whatever your taste, it is always nice to know that your efforts are appreciated and rewarded with a gift.
Art Deco
The story of style can be said to be the tracing of the strands that mesh to give each age its distinctive look, from the skills and materials available, to the changes in life style and income from buyers zest for the new, to designers vision of beauty.
Alfa Romeo 1921Mankind has had a love affair with the automobile for a great many years. Countless books and technical journals have recorded each and every development of this creature as it occurred. It remains to be seen if mankind will have the same affection for the electrical car, or if the electrical car is just a stepping stone to something new to come.