Credit & Debit Cards

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit Cards
You have certainly noticed that we do not accept debit or credit cards directly, and this has very sound reasons. In Europe, the card companies put the onus on gathering all relevant information about the customer on the seller.
To make sure that payment is received and to reduce abuses, buyers must make sure therefore to allow for address verification. With card fraud on the increase, we do not foresee a change in our policy soon. For this reason, we have chosen to use a payment gateway as an intermediary company to accept debit or credit card payments indirectly. As small traders, we cannot afford the necessary credit card checking software that is both costly, complex and time-consuming. Payment gateway companies are set up to handle debit and credit card payments on our behalf and have the necessary facilities to check up on the debit and credit card to minimise the risk of debit and credit card fraud. The payment gateway companies are responsible for ensuring only bona fide use of debit and credit cards for Rarity4u internet sales. We are not responsible for the information that these companies ask you before authorising a debit or credit card payment, and we do not have any access to the information you provide to these companies. The personal information you provide to Rarity4u is needed for three main reasons:
We need your e-mail address and/or mobile number for communication with you.
We need your postal address to enable us to send the goods to you.
We ask for your date of birth to ensure you are over 18 years of age. Our terms state that we do not knowingly sell to people under this age unless it is with the express permission of either a parent or legal guardian. We know of no other way to legally satisfy this condition.
The gateway payment companies that have secure encryption technology come at a cost. It is our opinion that these costs, although small, are necessary to ensure your peace of mind that we in our way are both cognisant of and working to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.
For customers with a Norwegian bank account, we can accept Vipps mobile payment.

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