Handicap Symbol

Physical access for disabled people is becoming more the norm, although there is much more to do and achieve. Similarly we should cater for disabled people on the internet, but sadly this is lagging far behind. At Rarity4u we have given some thought to this subject and include an Accessibility Option for the use of people who are impaired or have some form of disability. Whilst we cannot build a website that caters for all disabilities, we have included some features that will assist most people. 

Located to the bottom left of the screen you will find an icon similar to the one shown here. Press on the icon and the Accessibility Options window will open showing a number of different options. Choose the option that best suits your needs, place your cursor on the option and click to activate. To turn the option off, place your cursor on the option and click on the option.

  • The text size and spacing can be increased for those that require larger text.

  • The reading guide gives a parallel line making it easier to read the text on each line. 

  • For those with reading difficulties or poor sight, the Text to Speech option will prove useful because this will speak aloud the written text.

  • The colours can be inverted. 

  • Grey hues can be removed.

  • Links can be underlined.

  • The cursor size can be changed and made larger.