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The Green Revolution
Green Forest

The Green Revolution

Going green is the latest thing to catch people´s attention. Is going green the thing to do, or is it just another vote catcher that will fade away as quickly as it sprung into prominence?
Pollution of all types is a problem, but this planet's biggest pollution problem is human overpopulation.
Growing more food, building more houses, and reducing carbon emissions are vote winnersand they are all short-term policies that do nothing to solve the problem. There is so much hot air spoken at climate meetings, enough to raise the world temperature by many degrees. To grow more food we need more C02 because C02 is plant food, so reducing C02 reduces the food growing capacity. Green policies need to be sensible and based on sound scientific reasoning.
The Sir David Attenborough lecture should be compulsive listening for all world leaders and politicians. I will not hold my breath waiting for leaders and politicians to take up the cause, but it is up to all of us to bring this issue to centre stage.

Sir David Attenborough - Overpopulation


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