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Antiques Are Green
Planet Earth

Antiques Are Green

After Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his dubious contribution to saving the planet. It has become more fashionable to go green, recycle waste and so on. But did you know that one market sector has been green and recycling products for centuries, indeed before the above terms were invented?
The humble antique is perhaps the greenest and most recycled product around bar none, but the least acknowledged as a major contributor to saving the planet and reducing global warming. Re-using existing products and preserving them for generations to come, makes a very important contribution to reducing global waste and pollution.
So next time you need a product for your home, a gift for someone special, or just something to bring joy and happiness to your own life, then give an antique, the original and truly green product a try.
We enjoy finding nice things with character, age or pleasant design and have spent many enjoyable hours fulfilling this objective. Why not help to save the planet and join us in the quest for that unique and elusive antique object and at the same time help save our planet. Our planet needs all the help it can get and if you will not help save the planet, who will?

Borrow, swop or fix rather than buy new and replace.

Buying throwaway fashion is detrimental to the environment – 1 kg of fabric generates 23 kg of greenhouse gases! - Something to think about.

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Antiques Are Green

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We Are Here For You
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