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We relaunch the Rarity4u website today and we wanted to give you an overview of what we have done and why.


Why Have We Rebuilt The Site

It was time to rethink the Rarity4u digital presence. Our website was more than five years old and technology has moved on during the intervening period. More and more of our users access our website using the mobile telephone thus requiring us to be mobil ready. Also our customers want faster page loading speeds that we could not achieve with our existing programme. Lastly but not least we want to be found by new customers so we needed our digital presence to be more search engine friendly. It is for these reasons we decided on an extensive rebuild of the website.


We want our website to open up the Rarity4u ideas and experiences for all to share, so our digital presence must live up to Rarity4u as a vibrant, active, continually changing place. So it was time for change.

Key Features

PHP 7 has a performance improvement that makes our website run twice as fast (compared to PHP 5) and it has a 50% better memory consumption. Of course PHP 7 is also more secure.


By using the latest version, possible security problems will be taken care of, and updates will be available. As PHP 7 is the latest major version, it will be supported for a long time (including the minor releases) so a Joomla 4 website will easily run up to 2025.


Joomla 4 has huge improvements including cleaned up code, a renewed framework, faster page loading times, improve SEO and much more.


Website Objectives

We want to inspire more people to visit the Rarity4u website and ensure Rarity4u is truly the Invaluable Resource For Antiques. Our aspiration is to offer a seamless transition from browsing your iPad on the sofa at home, searching on your desktop at work, or searching on your mobile whilst you are on the move and using Rarity4u as the reference site for antiques and collectables. So the goal for this phase of our digital transformation is to increase the number of visits to our website each year.


We also want to define the Rarity4u brand online. We now use much more richer imagery, so there is a better balance between text and image. There is a bolder use of the brand and logo and more articles will be re-written and made available to purchase and download. All this makes for a more cohesive experience across digital and print.


This is not a refresh, it is a rebuild. The new site has been built using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) which means we now have the freedom to choose what features we build, and when.


What Is New

We are rebuilding the entire website, starting on a focussed number of pages, and then we will then build out as quickly as possible.