People have been looking for a written trace of diamonds throughout the ages. The oldest manuscripts refer to the birth of the first diamond-commerce roads from the Ganges to the West before the 6th century. But what is known before that?
No documentation has yet been found, but something new did come to light in 1993. Something that after careful study turned out to be a capital discovery. Near the Italian city of Rome, a body was discovered in a tomb that dated from the 1st century AD. The body in the tomb was that of a young girl who had lived in the time of Artonins Emperors. The sepulchre was richly decorated and contained intact pieces of jewellery such as necklaces, emerald and sapphire bracelets, and brooches adorned with precious stones. After methodical inspection of the jewels, by style, type and finish, archaeologists came to the conclusion that they originated from antique Syria probably from Paimyre.
Among the jewels was a golden ring adorned with a rough octahedral diamond originating from Central India that was set in such a way that one of the tips of the stone be permanently in touch with the skin of the young girl. It was probably a lucky charm.
Carbon 14 dating confirmed that this ring is the oldest diamond jewel known today.
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