Christmas is fast approaching and about this time of year we receive a number of emails asking what to get an antique lover for Christmas. The following are some present ideas that an antique lover would be overjoyed to get for Christmas.
Beer Steins
Beer Stein 2
German Beer steins are always popular gifts, and the following German Beer stein makers are the most desired.
Reinhold Hanke
Albert Jacob Thewal
Villeroy and Boch
Smion Peter Gertz
Marzi and Remy
Christmas Decor
Adding a special item to anyone’s Christmas decor is a special gift.
Christmas decor gift ideas:
Christmas ornaments
Christmas tree skirts
Porcelain Christmas statues
Christmas candle holders
Vintage Christmas cards
Home Decor
Candle Holder 1
Something nice for the home is always a great present, and here are some ideas:
Sliver home decor items
Picture frames
Photo albums
Candle holdersArtwork
Odds and Ends
Antique jewellery can be unique and one of a kind, and you can find some really interesting types of jewellery along with all the common pieces. Here are some examples of unique antique jewellery:
Functional jewellery
Pendents with useful items hidden in them
Watch brooches
Some of the most sought after period pieces are from the:
Edwardian Period
Art Nouveau Period
Art Deco Period
Kitchen Decor
Tea Pot 1Adding a little special touch to anyone’s kitchen is a good gift idea.Dishes
Candy dishes
Serving ware
Dinnerware sets
GlasswareSalt and pepper shakers
Kitchen Small-waresTea Accessories
Any antique lover would love any of these gift ideas.
Tea pots
Tea Accessories
Tea strainers
Tea spoons
Tea bag rests
Tea cozies
Tea CupsCoffee Accessories
Coffee accessories are perfect for any coffee lover who is passionate about antiques.
Coffee pots
Stove tops
DripsCoffee mugs and cups
Coffee accessories
Cream and sugar
Man-tiques are all about the guy and all things guys love, and here are some ideas:Advertising signs
Gas companies
Car makers
Alcohol companies
Old fishing rods and accessories
Pin-up calendars
Industrial antiques
Anything manly
Office Items
An antique office accessory can be the perfect gift for any antique lover and here are some ideas:
Paper weights
Pen and pencil sets
Letter openers
Ink wells
Desk sets
Leather bound books
Sewing Accessories
Sewing ThimbleBeing crafty and doing DIY projects has become a very popular hobby. Some antique sewing accessories can be the perfect present for the crafty antique collector, and here are some sewing accessory gift ideas:
Sewing Machines (make sure they are in good working condition)
Sewing boxes
Pin cushions
Seam rippers
Needle threaders
Sewing hoops
Wine Accessories
Wine LabelAntique wine accessories are always acceptable, and here are some ideas:
Wine pitchers
Glass wine decanters
Wine glasses
Wine case
Wine bottle coasters
Bottle openers/corkscrews
Wine stoppers
Wine bottle labels (silver)
Antique/vintage wine bottles
Any antique lover would love a well thought out antique Christmas present. However something to remember when choosing your present, do some research and make sure you are buying a genuine antique. There are so many reproductions on the market, it is important to do your research.
For those with a slightly larger budget a Faberge Egg may be just the thing.
Faberge Egg
 Faberge EggFaberge Egg 3Faberge Egg