Groom StickGroom Stick is a novel form of natural rubber with specific properties combining to create a surface dry-cleaner of high efficiency.

The rubber's natural structure has been modified to make it permanently soft, kneadable and strongly tacky. Moisture, solvents and chemical additives have been excluded.

As a non-abrasive, non-staining cleaner of paper and other library materials, Groom Stick gently but positively picks up a wide range of foreign matter. Graphite, carbon, charcoal, chalk, crayon, dry powder colours, mould spores, dust, dirt and grease are cleanly lifted off the surface and held in a 'molecular trap' from which there is no escape!

The process is fast and smear-free. It is demonstrated by lightly rolling a Groom Stick 'cigar' across a freshly printed newspaper. Excess print ink is removed instantly - without blurring the print or soiling adjacent clean areas.

Ordinary solid or granular rubber/resin erasers abrade, smudge, crumble or produce clinging debris. Groom Stick sacrifices nothing of itself, leaves no dirty fragments to brush away (or mould spores to regenerate in concealed areas) and is always ready and clean to use. Groom Stick continues actively collecting and holding foreign matter almost endlessly-until the rubber is several times its original weight. When surface Soiling clogs its tackiness, the rubber needs only a little stretching, twisting and folding to enclose the dirt, immediately renewing its cleaning efficiency.

Groom Stick de-greases surfaces to ensure efficient bonds with solder, adhesives or self adhesive labels. Groom Stick degreases surfaces to ensure efficient bonds with solder, adhesives or self-adhesive labels. Electrical contacts are improved, fingers cleaned and de-acidified before tackling sensitive jobs, flooded ball-point pens cleared. When not in use, the rubber should be stored between sheets of thick polythene of sufficient area to contain the rubber's tendency to flow.

Electrical contacts are improved.

Fingers cleaned and de-acidified before tackling sensitive jobs.

Flooded ball point pens cleaned and over-inked or clogged type bars of type-writers are cleaned perfectly, without messy fall out or soiled fingers.

Its tenacious hold of extraneous matter in large quantity makes the rubber a useful store for precious metal dust or fragments which can be reclaimed by incineration in a Smelting furnace. Since Groom Stick "flows" under its own weight or light pressure, the rubber is of special value in dry-cleaning engraved or worked surfaces, e.g. sculpture, arms and armor, jewelry. Pressed gently into the surface, the rubber conforms with any profile, "fuses" with trapped dirt and peels away cleanly. Over-inked or clogged typebars or typewriters are cleaned perfectly; without messy "fall-out" or soiled fingers.

Groom Stick in Action 
Groom Stick in action, showing excess printing ink cleanly drawn off the newspaper, instantly on contact, with no smudging. The processed rubber efficiently collects and permanently traps all forms of unwanted surface pollutants, without abrasion damage.


Groom Stick


Groom Stick