We aim to provide a professional service and each item has been selected, authenticated and carefully inspected for condition. A fair and professional judgement is made about each item being in poor, acceptable, good, very good, excellent, perfect or mint condition. If any restoration, wear or damage is present, it is accurately reported in the item description. We attempt to describe the item as accurately as possible and try to avoid misleading information by understating rather than overstating the item description. Further detailed photographs of the item in which you are interested can be made available on request. All purchases are fully guaranteed.
Poor Condition
This means a lot of visible wear, dents, chips and poor surface condition are in evidence.
The assumption being the item has been used extensively and has suffered from lack of care.
Acceptable Condition
This means small traces of wear and small dents are possible.
The assumption being, the item has been used daily
Good Condition
This means some blemishes visible when looking closely and some signs of wear commensurate with the age of the item.
The assumption being, the item has been used considerably.
Silver & Gold plated pieces may have worn spots on foot, stem or base and may have a dull patina. Scratches are common.
Stainless Steel may have scratches and wear marks typical of a piece that was used daily. The piece may be used as an average replacement piece.
Very Good Condition
This means almost no blemishes and little signs of wear. Some very light scratching may be in evidence and older pieces may have some spots.
The assumption being the item has hardly been used
Excellent Condition
This means no blemishes and works perfectly with no visible wear. And shows very few signs of being used.
The assumption being, the item is almost in the as new condition.
Perfect Condition
This means no blemishes, works perfectly and has no signs of wear.
The assumption being, the item has hardly been used.
Mint Condition
This means unused, not used only a small amount.
The assumption being, the item has not been used.
See also our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information.