Gusums Bruk Foundry
Gusums Bruk was a foundry in Sweden that specialized in brass production. The foundry commenced operations in 1653. Light crowns and industrial products were the foundry's main production, but the foundry is no longer active.
Gusum Bruk History 1653 - 1988

Henrik de Try and his brother in law Hubert de Besche purchase the Gusum farm from Lieutenant Sven Thorsson and construct an iron blast furnace that employed sixteen persons. The place was well chosen, with easy access to hydropower and forestry. From a commercial standpoint, the site also benefited, because it was only 10 km to the loading in the easternmost Valdemarsviken. The first site is located at a branch of Gusumsån, below the place called Blast marsh.

de Try also founded Överums and Anchor Room Mill.

A brass works and wire foundry were established. They mainly manufactured brass wire, but also hammered brass, such as the font for a church that was donated by the spouses dey Try in 1663.

Iron mill closes.

de Try dies aged 69 years, and his widow Catherine de Try took over the management. She then moved to Witt's manor 15 km southeast of Gusum. Catherine died in 1679 and followed a time of severe economic problems and complex ownership that included a wide range of partners including her clerks, Hindrich Steinhausen, Abraham Cronström, Abel Reenstierna.
A factory for the manufacture of buttons, buckles and other small articles was established along with brass making.

George Spalding who was related to Hindrich Steinhausen became a partner. Because of severe winters and dry summers the business is forced to close down due to poor water supply.

Magnus Westerberg, married to Spalding's sister Mary, becomes a partner. It is now difficult times for the mill due to the Karl Xl war and a severe shortage of copper. Copper was bought from Falun, Avesta, Bersbo and Garpenberg. Galmeja (Zinc) was imported from England, Hungary, Poland and Holland.

George Spalding dies.

Magnus Westerberg dies. Because the children are minors, the two widows take over the management.

A grand mansion was built for the use of the two widows and their children (burns down on January 20, 1995). Gusums church is inaugurated in 1731 Already in 1668 they received de Try permission to erect a chapel and hire a priest. This old chapel closed and was replaced by a church.

A pin factory was started that employed approximately 200 people. The pin became the most important product by the end of the 1800s. There was a  disagreement and discord between the two owner families.

The family Westerberg starts a knife factory to manufacture knives, forks, etc. in 150 different models. Table, soapstone, pen, straight and folding knives were also made.

Production of Westerberg's knife factory ends.

The weaving of iron and brass wire starts.

The family Westerberg becomes the sole owner of the mill.

Iron rod iron forging starts at Ursäter, downstream of Gusumsån.

Gusums Mill becomes a limited company "Gusums Mill & Manufacturing Company Limited".

Production of brass items such as candlesticks, chandeliers and sconces, etc. begins.
Gusums Bruk CandlestickGusums Bruk 3Gusums Bruk Oil Lamp

The ironworks at Ursäter closes.

Vira Manufacturing starts  and the Star Mill in Dalarna became the first customer.

The power station at Ursäter is finished. They "make over 200 hp for the operation of shops, saw mill, threshing machines, etc.".

Production of chandeliers, candelabra, sconces, etc. ceases.
Gusums Bruk Maker Mark

Gusums Mill becomes the first company in Sweden to produce zippers.

Production of buttons , buckles, clasps, frames, etc. ceases. The manufacture of brass bands, and bars (later copper) begins.

Pipework manufacture moved to Grass Valley, a mile west of Gusum.

The smelter is moved to Grass Valley.

A new pressing plant starts at Grass Valley.

AB Gusums Forests sold .

Gusums Bruk AB buys North Metall AS in Denmark and sells the wire manufacturing and its premises to Scandia Felt AB.

Rod Board moves to Grass Valley.

Zipper manufacturing sold and Gusums Bruk AB is transformed and becomes the parent company of Gusum Metall AB, North Metall AS and Gusum Trading AB.

Gusum Metall AB and Nord Metall AS was sold to Boliden Smelter AB.

Gusums Bruk AB goes into bankruptcy on 15 April.
Gusums Bruk FoundryGusums Bruk Foundry
Today the tradition lives on in Gusum via:
  • Voith Fabrics Gusum AB, which manufactures viror.
  • Outokumpu Nordic Brass AB, which produces brass rods and nuts.

  • Gusum Brass AB, which manufactures gift items etc.