Canary Diamond RingCanary Diamond RingCanary diamonds are specialised yellow diamonds with a bright, fresh, colour and as much personality as the bird they are named after.
A canary diamond is not just a yellow gem, it is one with a bright pure shade and no hints of green, brown or red to darken the stone. Canary diamonds are amongst the rarest type of yellow diamonds, and they are one of the most popular shades of fancy coloured diamonds. Pink diamonds are a close second to canary hues.
The presence of nitrogen in the carbon crystals while the stone is forming is what gives canary diamonds their bright tint. To form the sharp yellow, a greater concentration of nitrogen is necessary and it cannot be tainted with other elements that will alter the stone´s final colouration.
Canary Diamond RingBecause of the brightness of the yellow colour, canary diamonds are sometimes referred to as lemon or lemon drop stones as well, but beyond the different names, there is a deeper symbolism for these yellow gems.
Canary Diamond Of course all diamonds are symbolic of love, commitment and timelessness, but adding yellow to the stone gives it even deeper meaning. Yellow shades are frequently associated with bright sunlight and cheerfulness, as well as overwhelming joy, prosperity (as associated with gold) and general happiness. Furthermore, yellow is the colour of the Zodiac symbol Leo the lion, making canary diamond rings particularly suitable for individuals who revere their matching star sign. Yellow has also been adopted as the official ribbon colour for military support, especially for deployed troops and using a canary diamond in an engagement ring can be very poignant for a couple separated by military deployments.