One of the biggest events of the year, if not the biggest, was the Royal Wedding in UK on April 29. 2011. All eyes were centred on the couple, especially the bride Kate Middleton and what she was wearing. Whilst the dress, shoes, flowers and hair style were important, we along with many others were fascinated by the jewellery she was wearing.

 Wedding 01

She was seen wearing a Cartier Halo Tiara made of platinum and diamonds which was said to have been lent to her especially for the wedding by the Queen, This headband of diamonds which was given to Queen Elizabeth ll as a gift on her 18th birthday, matched perfectly with Kate's hairstyle. This was not we suspect, a coincidence. Her hair half down and half up looked both stylish and elegant, with the diamond tiara showing through from the inside of her veil that was made of ivory silk tulle with hand embroidered flowers on the trim.
Wedding 02
The tiara complemented the delicate diamond drop earrings Kate chose to wear, earrings that were custom made to match the tiara. The earrings were made by Robinson Pelham and were given the shape of oak leaves clubbing them with a diamond set pear shape drop, with a diamond acorn in pave setting suspended in the centre.The earrings were inspired by the Middleton family coat of arms and took the form of oak and acorn leaves, the effect was both graceful and stunning. These platinum based drop earrings were made by UK craftsmen, and are a credit and testament to their skill. The earrings have successfully achieved an amalgamation of vintage, heirloom and modern from the families of both Kate and William. The result clearly reflects the couple’s desire for a modern approach based upon a solid foundation of tradition.
Wedding 04

Michael O'Conner, a jewellery expert said "Kate's jewellery truly epitomizes a modern yet a sophisticated style of a royal bride".

A wedding cannot be complete without a wedding ring, so Prince William slipped a Wartski wedding band made of rare Welsh gold upon the finger of Kate Middleton. A nugget of the Welsh gold kept in the royal vault for years, was given by the Queen to Prince William shortly after the announcement of his engagement.
Wedding 08
Wartski was founded in 1865 in Wales and the gold nugget used in the wedding band was mined from the mountains in Wales near Anglesey. The married couple now live in Wales near where the gold was originally mined, although somehow I do not believe William will spend his week ends prospecting for gold.

Wartski specialize in Carl Faberge work, Russian arts, silver and fine jewellery, which is why the company remains a favourite of the royal family and were chosen to design the wedding band. The band was fashioned specifically from the Welsh gold, because the royal family values this gold for its quality and most of all, its scarcity.

Only one band was designed and made because Prince William chose not to wear a ring.We could not end this story without mentioning the engagement ring with which Prince William proposed to Kate.

The ring was a blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring. The central Ceylon blue sapphire was surrounded by diamonds and belonged to his mother Princess Diana. It was with this ring that Prince Charles proposed to Princess Dana in 1981. This ring design has become a legend in its time and a ring of this type is now commonly referred to as a Princess Diana ring. The design encompasses grace, beauty and humanity and reflects the sparkling personality of the late Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.


This unique ring has at its centre a 12 carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 round diamonds set into 18K white gold.Lady Diana's engagement ring was reported as having just 8 prongs with 2 in every corner but later more prongs were added to the ring to give it its present look.
 The deep intense blue colour in the centre shines exceptionally and flawlessly against the dazzling and sparkling white periphery. This undoubtedly will be a timeless design that will remain popular for many years to come.

It is said that Lady Diana and Prince Charles were shown a plethora of rings from which to choose, but she picked only this ring. Maybe not because it wasn't costly, but more because this ring oozes out elegance, charm, sophistication and most of all royalty. The cluster ring design portrays versatility considering the use of three materials blue sapphire, diamonds and white gold. This feature makes it shine impeccably and boldly from every angle with even the slightest ray of light. 

It is known that Kate is not fond of wearing too much jewellery and her wedding was no exception. Wearing just the tiara with the drop earrings to match, along with the blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring stole peoples hearts worldwide and complimented the natural grace and beauty of Kate herself.

Perhaps the engagement ring will bring more happiness to William and Kate than it did to Charles and Diana. It is said that the fate of the British monarchy rests upon the shoulders of William and Kate, so we wish them both every success for the future, and hope that the happiness of their wedding day remains with them both always.