Art Deco Ring Art Deco Ring The Art Deco style is a very famous and popular art movement that had a lot of influence in the world of jewellery. Art Deco was introduced in the 1920´s as a protest against the Art Nouveau. Art Deco ended in the 1930´s. The style emphasised a very abstract design with geometric patterns and as most favourite colours black (onyx or black emerald), blue sapphire and white diamond. The baguette and emerald cuts which had been developed in the 1800´s, were very popular in the 1920´s because they blended so much with the geometrical lines of the Art Deco style.
Art Deco BroochThe most Art Deco jewellery has a very luxury design. This is because of the large amount of money that was made in the war of 1914. All this money gave the opportunity to buy the best fashionable materials like diamonds, platinum and gold for the design of the jewels. Of course there are a lot of beautiful but less priced jewels in the Art Deco movement. Years later in the 1960´s and 1970´s Art Deco came back as a very popular decorative art. Even now-a-days you can see the Art Deco style has great influence on our designing in all kinds of branches.