In general when listing an item try to apply the following guidelines

Ownership Of The Item
The item must belong to you or to the person on behalf of whom you are selling. This is extremely important because you are legally liable for the listing.

Select The Correct Category
Select the correct or most appropriate category in which to list the item

The title should accurately describe the item on offer. Eye catching titles may attract visitors, but does not necessarily motivate the buyer to purchase the product 

The item description should give clear factual information including any damage or wear. This is your opportunity to convince the buyer to purchase your product. When presenting the product, try and see it through the eyes of the potential buyer and then ask yourself the question what would I want to know, what will convince me to part with my hard earned cash? Always remember that the first time the buyer will actually see the product is when it arrives, so only your description and photographs will encourage a person to buy.

A picture is worth a thousand words and even more so when selling online. Try to compose each photograph to show the product at its best or the fine details. Dings and dents should be shown – at least you are not trying to hide anything. Remember the sale does not actually take place until it is delivered and paid for, and not returned by the buyer because the item was not as described. At Specialist Auctions each item can have up to seven photographs so take advantage of this facility

As a seller you will want to get the maximum amount and as a buyer you will want to pay the least amount. Check prices of similar items on the internet, at markets and fairs, antique shops, dealers, auction houses etc. but be realistic. If you want or need to sell, you may have to be more modest when deciding the item price. Too low or too high a price sends a clear message to the buyer that either you are not aware of the true market value, or there is something wrong with the item. Both will detract from a sale, so time spent on researching prices is time well spent.

Other Information
In general too much information is better than not enough. Approach the project in a logical and thorough manner and establish the following:

Who pays for the shipping

How it will be sent

Is insurance included

All the above and more, shows that you have thought everything through properly. Your buyer may be located on the other side of the world; English may not be their mother tongue so you need to win their trust. 

Following the above guidelines may not necessarily end in a sale but at least they will remove many of the reasons why people decide not to buy