Pink ElephantsIvory and antiques are synonymous with each other. The ook and feel of old well kept ivory is something to behold. Ivory, even new ivory is legal provided it has a proper CITES certificate. However, the elephant herds in Africa are being poached into extinction just for the ivory and the money the tusks represent. However now we may all be seeing pink elephants.
When I was young, many aeons ago, I was told that seeing pink elephants was the result of consuming too much alcohol. However today pink elephants may very well be all that we see. The dye used is the same dye used on bank notes. This makes the ivory unusable so that it cannot be consumed. Better still the animals are not harmed and it helping to save their lives. Dying the tusks of wild elephants pink may very well keep these animals from being poached into extinction.
If this is what it takes to keep these majestic gentle giants alive, then let us do it. If we can find the money to bomb Syria, surely we can find the money for the pink dye and the team of people to find and treat the tusks of the remaining wild elephants.
Is that too much to ask?