Olympic sailing is not a big spectator sport and receives poor television and news coverage. However when an Olympic gold medal winner lives in a small village in Son, Norway, it was a very big event indeed and the champion was received back home in style. 
The evening of 31 August 2004 was dull, wet and overcast, but more importantly it was the evening that Son officially welcomed home its Olympic sailors. 
Befitting the occasion, Sally III and her sister ship Octava were dressed overall and, along with a contingent of HM King Guards, formed the guard of honour. It was onboard Octava, accompanied by the Optimist fleet that the sailors were brought to Son Sailing Club for the official presentations and speeches. 
And so the sailing tradition in Son continues, with the greyhounds of the seas from the 1920’s through to the present day Olympic sailors and budding hopefuls training in the Optimists.
Sally III Dressed Overall
 Proud Parents
                    Sally III Dressed Overall                                                             Proud Parents




 Olympic 3


 Ian & Jorunn - Rarity4u




Olympic 5Olympic 6 


                    Octava Approaching Son                                                      Octava In Son




Olympic 7Olympic 8


                            Olympic Sailors                                                             Olympic Winner


Christopher Sundby & Crew – 4th place 49er Class          Siren Sundby – Gold Medal Europe Class