Honiton PotteryJames Webber established a pottery at Honiton, Devon, UK during 1881 and it has enjoyed a varied history ever since.
It was not until Foster and Hunt, who bought the pottery from James Webber around the beginning of the 1900’s, that the first identifiable Honiton work was produced.
Honiton BackstampBy 1918 the firm had been taken over by Charles Collard who was noted for his hand painted pottery mainly with Jacobean and Persian designs. 
In 1945 Norman Hall and his wife Nancy arrived to take over, introducing new casting and industrial techniques. In response to the local growth in tourism, they adapted the Collard designs, which became the main area of production. Giftware was too seasonal to keep the workforce busy so under Mr Cowell and Paul & Jennifer Redvers launched in 1960 many new ranges including tableware and ovenware. 
Dartmouth Pottery acquired the Honiton name in 1992, and although the main pottery making equipment was moved from the site, the traditional designs of Charles Collard are still painted. Honiton pottery is now fast becoming a new area for avid collectors.