Figgjo is known for its innovation, confirmed through numerous design awards in Norway and abroad, combining uncompromising functionality with exciting design to create inspiring and innovative products. All Figgjo products are developed to be combined with each other to create a unique solution out of form and function.
All the products are made in vitro porcelain, a porcelain type designed specifically for professional use. The porcelain base is reinforced with aluminium oxide, which makes the products particularly strong and resistant against the hard use found in a professional kitchen.
The products are heat treated repeatedly at very high temperature, and manual quality control and sorting after each firing provides customers with excellent products.
Decorated products have the same lifespan as white products because the decoration is burnt into the glaze - ie colours are melted into the glaze surface. All decoration colours are tested in relation to the environment and wear.
No environmentally harmful raw materials are used, and production waste is recycled throughout the process. After firing, recycled waste products such as filler, and the air and water used in the factory is cleaned. Figgjo porcelain is tested for lead, cadmium and barium release in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the EU and Norway and all results are far below requirements. This also applies both glaze and colours.
Figgjo Backstamps