Grainger Royal Worcester VaseGrainger Royal Worcester Backstamp
Thomas Grainger 1783-1839 was originally an apprentice at Robert Chamberlain’s Worcester factory. In 1801 he established a rival porcelain factory with his partner John Wood, and they soon gained a good reputation for useful and ornamental wares. George Grainger succeeded his father as head of the company and embraced the neo-rococo style, producing a wide range of decorative vases, tea and desert wares which are characterised by extravagant shapes, bright rich colours and scrolled gilding. George Grainger died in 1884, and in 1889 George Grainger & Co, formerly Grainger Lee & Co was taken over by the Worcester Royal Porcelain Co Ltd and production was continued until 1902.

Royal Worcester is one of the greatest names in British ceramics history. During the 1700’s Worcester was one of the pioneers of British porcelain, able to achieve greater quality than many of its rivals.