The following care and repair tips will help keep your piece in good condition
  • Use nothing but a soft dusting brush on buhl and for any other work seek specialist advice.

  • Do not wet enamel.
  • Dust with a soft brush and leave all repairs to specialists.

  • Keep Ivory away from sunlight and radiators or it will crack.
  • Ivory likes some humidity and is best stored in a closed cabinet with a glass of water. Open the cabinet from time to time to prevent mould from forming.
  • Dust with a brush.
  • Do not wet ivory with anything but alcohol or meths on a cotton bud. The resultant dry white surface can be restored to its former state by rubbing with your hands.
  • Store ivory in acid free tissue, and not cotton wool.

Mother Of Pearl
  • Do not wet mother of pearl inlays.
Papier Mache
  • Keep papier mache away from sunlight and radiators.
  • Clean only with a soft duster or chamois leather and never use any polish.
  • Any further treatment, repair or restoration should be left to specialists

  • When polishing silver use a medium quality environment friendly polish and never use an abrasive silver polishes.
  • Do not over-polish or polish too often, or you will wear the silver away. Take special care with hallmarks.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to polish corners, decorative details and awkward bits.
  • When polishing silver mounts e.g. on tea caddies, do not get polish on the wood or other surfaces.
  • After cleaning wash silver thoroughly ensuring that no chemicals remain inside hollow handles etc.
  • Do not put silver into a dish washer. Wash in hot soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Never immerse knife handles.
  • Contact with salt, rubber bands or plastic damages silver.
  • Store in acid free tissue paper.
  • Leave a sugar cube in a tea or coffee pot to absorb metallic odours.
  • Dents can be easily repaired by a specialist.

  • Keep tortoise shell away from sunlight, which destroys its colour and surface, and wipe very occasionally with almond oil to enhance appearance. Repairs are for specialists only.

  • Polish Tunbridgeware with a good quality wax polish. We recommend the use of a micro-crystalline wax such as Renaissance Wax.
  • Damaged or missing wooden veneer is usually best repaired by specialists.

  • For polishing wooden caddies use a good quality wax polish and avoid sprays.
  • Clean the corners with a small brush and apply wax in thin layers. We recommend the use of a micro-crystalline wax such as Renaissance Wax.